Art Direction


Working alone and self-sufficiently is also possible in a team. As art director, I take responsibility for the artistic and creative activities in the project. This means that I take care of all the things that come along with it — for example, image licences, supervision of photo shoots, budgeting, print approvals and image research — just to name a small part. 

I see myself as a mediator and link between project management and the hands-on implementation of the suppliers. I advise and support on the one hand and ensure pragmatic solutions on the other. In all aspects, I deal with customer wishes and supplier requirements in an egalitarian manner, so that timings and plans can be adhered to or re-evaluated. 

In all of this, I maintain an overview of my area of responsibility and communicate questions and problems early on. Balanced expectation and implementation management is important to me in order to be able to stand by the results of my work, while remaining open to new impulses and ideas.

Supporting project management, reviewing supplier requirements and taking responsibility together. 🤌